Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Girls in Greenville

The girls are out of school this week for Thanksgiving and today we took a daytrip to Greenville South Carolina.
                                                                First stop was the Greenville Zoo.
             They had a new baby giraffe- Kikko. So cute and the most popular animal at the zoo today.

After a stop at the gift shop, we went to the park to play for awhile. Then we drove downtown to visit Falls Park on the Reedy River. It was a huge park with a really long walking bridge and lots of trails.
                                                               The Liberty Bridge and River Falls.
                           The weather was beautiful and the park was full of people enjoying the day.
  Me and the girls. A nice lady with her kids offered to take our picture.
We walked down the river to find the Children's Garden. It was in a strange place, underneath a freeway. It had lots of statues of animals and characters from story books.
                                                                       The views along the river.
                                                              These boots were made for walking.
As we were leaving, this group of college girls were walking in front of us. And Rachel noticed right away that they were all wearing boots.

It was nice getting out of town for the day with the girls. Greenville seems like a great little town and has lots to do for families. The girls and I decided we need to go back this summer and spend more time there.

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