Sunday, November 4, 2012

Around Here

                                  It has been business as usual around our house this past week.
                                                   A few pictures of the girls from this week.
Rachel modeling her new coat and hat. The weather has been a little schizo lately. One day it is fifty and windy and then this weekend it was almost eighty.
This is what Rebecca is up to in the mornings before we walk up to the bus stop- getting into everything. She is very busy and is quite entertaining lately. Rebecca tells me about her "other family" --that they are imaginary and her "other mom" lets her do whatever she wants! I am not sure where she gets these ideas?
                                                         Enjoying all the Halloween candy.
                                                                           Movie night!
Saturday we went bowling with our friends and then came home and we made a fire. The kids played and we had a nice time talking by the fire and making smores.

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