Monday, September 12, 2011

Dragon Dash

Today at Rachel's school the kids all participated in a fundraiser. Everyone went outside and ran around a track and earned money for each lap they completed.  Rachel was not too thrilled about the idea, but I told her she could walk if she wanted. I didn't tell Rachel, but I volunteered to help. She was really surprised to see me there.

I was one of the many moms there. We stood in a big line and made a mark on each child's shirt for every lap they ran. The most laps they could do was twenty five and most kids did all twenty five. It was a bit chaotic trying to mark each shirt, but we got it done. I helped with kindergarten through second grade and my arm was tired by the time it was over- I am a wimp!

Waiting for the kids to run by!

After the kids finished the laps they were able to play hula hoops and jump rope and take a water break. I stayed and had lunch with Rachel and headed hoome for nap-ha!

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