Thursday, February 10, 2011

Little Lady

Today I had some of my MOMS club friends over with their kids.  It was a very busy few hours!  There were several boys Rebecca's age and I love watching them and seeing how very different they are from little girls.  The boys climbed on everything.  I saw one jump from the coffee table to the couch!  So after everyone left, Rebecca decided to try out some the of the tricks her friends were doing.

She climbed on and jumped off this table at least twenty times.

Later on I found her playing with her baby dolls behind the curtains.

And a picture from this morning- it started snowing AGAIN last night. But thankfully, it was not too much and very wet, so more like rain. The roads were clear and everyone went to school!!!

The girls are in bed and Raphael should be home soon from his trip!  I am off to watch some Thursday night T.V. !
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