Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Between 10 and 2

Yesterday, the nice lady at the company we use for our heating & air conditioning called to remind me that sometime between ten and two a tech would be over to give our furnance a little checkup. So, Rebecca and I have been patiently waiting at home today. We have played with lots of toys, eaten way tooo many fruit snacks and now Rebecca is taking a nap :).

This picture is from last night.  Whenever I am cooking, Rebecca pulls over a chair to see what is going on.
She likes to "help" me cook.  I was cutting up olives and gave her some to eat.  It made me laugh when she put each olive on her finger first- guess all kids do that little trick!

This past Saturday, Rachel was invited to "bring a friend day" at a local gym.  Her friend Gigi takes classes there and Rachel had a chance to learn about gymnastics.  She did pretty good for her first try.  I would love for her to take a class, but not too sure if she would like it our not.  The picture isn't the best.  I had to sneak into the gym- no parents allowed in the gym- and take a quick photo.

Guess that is about it for our day.  The weatherman is saying it might snow here again this week! I hope and pray that he is wrong- so ready for some warmer days ahead.
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