Thursday, September 30, 2010

A year and a half

    Today Rebecca is 18 months old!

She continues to be busy and loves exploring around the house.  She figured out a while ago how to open the door and the other day she opened the door to the basement and went downstairs all by herself! She was quite proud.

Rebecca has nine teeth right now and four more trying to make an appearance. She still loves to eat, but is starting to get a little more selective in her food choices.

She is talking a little more each day. Right now Rebecca can say:
Mama, Dada, more, night-night, Lola, no, cheese, book, shoes, papa, nana, eat, done, baby, Dora and I am sure there are more words that I can't remember right now. I love hearing her little voice.

 She is slightly obessed with wearing shoes- at all times. Throughout the day, she brings me different shoes for me to put on her. And she loves wearing Rachel's dress up shoes.

Rebecca loves going for walks, chasing Lola around and trying to give her a kiss, "coloring", play-doh, reading books and taking naps.

Love you baby girl!

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  1. I love the picture of her in her green dress with her hair flying up a little. So great! I like the way your pictures look, the coloring is awesome. Are you editing them or does your camera just do that? It looks wonderful.