Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Spring Break 2017

This year for Spring break we did the "staycation". We have a couple of other trips this month, so it was best we stayed close to home. I did miss going somewhere warm and sunny..... we had a lot of rainy days.

We managed to see three movies.
Power Rangers, Boss Baby and The Smurfs.
I took the girls to see one movie at the Movie Tavern since they had never
been there before. It is kind of fun to eat lunch and watch a movie.

We went to a garden center and looked at the fish and then went
to a nearby park to enjoy the sunny day.

We took the girls to see their first rodeo. We met up with my parents because
the rodeo was sponsored by UGA.  We had a little trouble with parking and ended
up walking about a mile to get to the rodeo.... Rachel was thrilled !

I didn't even try to take pictures. The horses and bulls move way too fast. I think overall the girls
enjoyed it. I hadn't been to a rodeo in a long time. It was something new for us to do.
We went to the library and met up with a friend to go roller skating.
Rebecca is getting better at skating!
We also did normal stuff,  like go to the dentist.

An area in downtown Duluth opened up some new little shops, so the
girls and I went for a look. I had never been there before, but always heard
good things. We need to go back in the summer time.

We had mini donuts, played at the park, went to the chocolate shop, pizza for lunch and
just explored the area.
I thought this was pretty cool to see.
There was some serious weather in the South. Lots of tornado watches
 and alerts and a ton of rain. Red on the map is not good!
I went running for a couple of miles.
And they ended the week with water guns and sprinklers.
We had a nice relaxing spring break. The girls only
have 30 days left of school!!! I can't believe how quickly the time
goes by. The last month of school is always busy, so I am gearing up!

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