Monday, April 3, 2017

Catching Up

We are on spring break right now!! It is so nice to have mornings to sleep in and days that we don't have to rush anywhere.  I have been behind with blogging, so I hope to get caught up.  A look a few things we did before spring break...................

Rebecca's school has a fundraiser Gala night each year. Raphael and I
went with my parents and it was a great night. 
There were all sorts of gift baskets, experiences and trips to bid on. The school was
able to raise quite a bit of money. My parents bought a piece of art work that the kids
made at school.  We ended up winning "name the library" for Rebecca. So next year,
the library at school will have name that she chose.

I think that spring is officially here. All the trees are blooming and getting leaves.
Raphael and I ran a 5k that his work helped to sponsor. I hadn't run a 5k
in a long time, but we both did pretty well.

We made it to Atlanta and went to a car show. So many cars. It was fun to walk around
and check them out.

Rebecca was in children's choir at church and they had their spring show last week.

It was a good show and all the kids did really well, Rebecca liked choir, so she might go back in the fall.

That is it! Looking forward to spring break and hopefully trying a few new places we have never been.!

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