Thursday, January 27, 2011

Baby Mama

Lately, Rebecca has been paying a lot more attention to all the dolls and babies we have around the house. Most days she has at least one in her arms, usually with a bottle and maybe a blanket too.

This Aurora doll came from Disney World and has a little flap in the back to access the batteries. Rebecca thinks it is a diaper.  So she is always checking to see if the baby needs changing or not.

Loves her Cabbage Patch doll and 3D glasses.

I love watching her play- she is pretty good at wrapping them in a blanket, giving a bottle and patting them on the back while making that "ssssh" sound -just like a mama does.
It's fun to watch her grow and figure things out on her own. Hard to believe she will be two years old very soon!

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