Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Fun

We have had a busy Friday.  This morning, Rebecca and I went to her Gymboree class. There were only four other kids there today- it was so nice to have a smaller class.  Before we left this morning, Lola was acting sick and when we came home she was worse, so I took her to our vet.

The vet did all sorts of tests and found out Lola has a bad infection in her intestines. So after ALOT of money, Lola is on antibiotics and special food for the next few weeks. Hopefully, she will be feeling better soon.  We love our Lola and I hate seeing her not feeling well.

While, I was picking Lola from the vet, Rachel was having lots of fun at birthday party for her friend, Devi.  The party was at an indoor soccer/baseball/basketball place.  I missed all the games, but Rachel said it was very fun. 

After the party we made it home and Raphael was waiting to take Rachel to Bingo Night at school. Rachel was happy to be going out with her Dad. I hope they have a great time together.

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