Friday, January 14, 2011

Arts & Crafts

We are on day four of snow, ice and no school!  We have been keeping busy and trying to stay warm.
Raphael went back into work yesterday- the roads are getting better, but still very icy here in town.
The girls and I have been trying out few art projects.

Rachel working on her alligators

My attempt at origami- a dog and a cat.

We made these cute little button flowers and a bell with pretty paper.
Rachel loves making crafts, especially if it involves glue and google eyes!

We have been doing some puzzles too. I love putting puzzles together. The
other night, Rachel and I started this one and Raphael joined us. About three hours later,
he had finished it!

It feels like we have played with every boardgame, Barbie doll, and Little Pet shop
that we own. We have watched several movies and eaten alot of snacks!

I know I should have Rachel practicing school work, but just don't have it
in me to deal with it all. I have couple more little projects to try- they cancelled school
for tomorrow and then no school on Monday for MLK Jr. Day, so I figure we have
time to get in few more projects.

We have been working on the crafts during Rebecca's nap time or after she is in bed for
the night. So her is a picture of her from the other day. Poor thing is still fighting a
cold and has been kind of fussy!

( she was a MESS- lately she refuses to wear a bib and she found a pen
and drew all over her shirt!)

WE I am really hoping with the temperatures going into the forties the next few days
that all the roads will clear up and we can get back out there!

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