Saturday, August 5, 2017

The Month of July in Pictures

Ok, so I am way behind with keeping up with blogging this summer. Besides the trip to the PNW, we did a lot of summer time kind of activities.

Lake Lanier
Rachel and I went to the gym together and I started a new
program called Pinnacle .
Amy went home to Panama for a few weeks.
Rebecca and I went to Dave & Busters.
Lunch with Nana at the Great American Doll store.
Rebecca's doll got her ears pierced and glasses :).
And Nana bought the "Rebecca " doll for our Rebecca.
Anderson sunflower farm.
Rebecca got her ears pierced! She had been talking about it for
awhile and she did great!
More swimming.
Rebecca and I love musicals. The Fox Theater
had a sing- along for Mary Poppins, so she and I went to
see it. Raphael and Rachel went to see Spider-Man.
Life-- allergy shots, waiting rooms, shopping at Walmart.
We like to watch Shark Week each summer and it motivated us to
go the Georgia Aquarium for the afternoon.
After the Aquarium, we walked to the Hard Rock Café for dinner.
Fort Yargo Lake days.
Stone Mountain fun.
Sunshine and swimming!
I decided to get the girls cooking more. Rebecca went first and she
chose to make Crock pot garlic chicken, mashed potatoes, biscuits and salad.
She did so great and the food was good too.

We did other little things too and had lots of lazy days at the house, but
that was pretty much our July.

We only have three days left of summer vacation. I can't believe how fast
the summer went by. I hate to see it go. I love summertime 🌞!

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