Thursday, August 3, 2017

ALL -- WIn Shape Camp 2017

This year, both of the girls attended a Win Shape Camp. This was
Rebecca's first time at the day camp and she had a fun week.
They divide the kids up into teams and Rebecca ended up on  the Ocean team.
And her sub group was a Penguin.

The theme for camp this year was ALL.
Love the Lord with ALL your heart, ALL your soul,
ALL your mind and ALL your strength.
Mark 12:30
Fridays at camp are Chick-fil-A Friday Family Fun Day.
Rachel and I were able to go to camp with Rebecca.
Rebecca's camp ended with Tri-Angulation game.
It was crazy and fun and so hot outside.
When the games finished, we all had Chick-fil-A for
lunch and then time to go home.

The next week, it was Rachel's turn for camp.
This was her second year at Win Shape Camp at Young Harris.
The girls stay at the college campus for a week.
The campers are in groups and Rachel is in the Royalum group.
Rachel was so excited for camp this year. It helped a lot that she had gone last year and
knew what to expect.
We helped her unpack and make her bed.
I love college campuses... always so pretty. We
said goodbye and headed home for the week.
On the last day of camp, the girls all meet with their
leader and review the week. Each camper gets a
"paper plate award".  This year Rachel got the
"fire ball" award.  She really loved her leader and
her room mates.
The camp ended with a big group time, singing and then Chick-fil-A lunch.
So thankful our girls are able to go to camp, learn about God
and make new friends.

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