Tuesday, August 8, 2017

First Day of School 2017

Yesterday these two went back to school!!
Rachel is in 8th grade this year and Rebecca is a 3rd grader.
Rebecca was the first to go to school.
She is back at Sage School again this year.
I still need to blog all about Sage, on of these days.
She was excited to get back to school.
I know she was anxious to see her friends and get back to
a school time routine.
Rachel doesn't go to school until later, so Raphael and I went to the
bus stop to see her off. The bus was very late, so about 20 kids
waiting and talking. I made the girls gather for a picture :).
The bus finally showed up and off they went.
I know Rachel was happy to see her friends and looking forward
to her schedule this fall. I think 8th grade will be a good year for her.

They came home from school full of news and stories.
Sounded like the first day was a success!
Praying a safe and learning filled year for them.

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