Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Blue Angels

This beach trip we took a day trip on a sail boat. The boat leaves from
Alabama and sails down to Pensecola Florida. The Blue Angels are
stationed on the Naval base there and a couple of days a week,
they practice. The plan was to sail down, watch them fly and
then swim and hang out for awhile in Florida. 
We checked in and ready to go.
It took about an hour and half to sail to Florida.

We anchored right outside of Pensecola and waited for
the show to start.
The Blue Angels were amazing to watch. They flew right over our
boat. They fly so close to each other, it is scary. They flew all around
for over and hour.
Then we anchored in a private lagoon area and played in the water.
Raphael and Rachel did the paddle boards.
Then it was time to go back home.
Picture with our captain!
It was a really fun day and I am glad we were able to spend the
day on the water and try something new.

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