Thursday, June 15, 2017

Memorial Day 2017

Last time we were in Gulf Shores, we stayed at a house in Fort Morgan.  We thought it would be appropriate to go back to visit Fort Morgan on Memorial Day and remember what the day is all about.
The Fort was named after a war hero from the Revolutionary War. It
was involved in the war of 1812 and saw action through several wars.
The Fort was officially closed in 1947 and is now open for tours.
Lots of tunnels and dark places to explore.
We climbed all those stairs to check out the view.
It was good to go back and visit again. The girls learned a lot more
this time around and a good reminder of the men and women that
have defend our country.
We spent the afternoon at Fort Morgan beach.
The girls loved this big duck floatie that Raphael got for them.

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