Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Gulf Shores 2017

A few days after school was out, we drove down to Gulf Shores, Alabama. We went to Gulf Shores back in 2012, so it has been a few years.
Rachel is crazy about this stuffed animal snake.
She took it with us and anytime the car slowed down in traffic,
she would stick the snake out the window.
We made it!! Have to haul all that stuff upstairs.
We went for a pizza dinner and then drove to the closest beach.
A far away picture of the condo where we stayed.
It was peaceful and pretty. Raphael and I both saw dolphins swimming
and there was a dock for your boat.

Our first full day, we drove to Orange Beach for the afternoon.
At the beach, it is usually Raphael and the girls in the water and I am
sitting with my feet in surf and reading a book.
There is always drama :)
We travel light. LOL.
Time to go home.
Our first day was a good one.

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