Tuesday, June 20, 2017


On our last full day in Albama, we drove over to Pensacola Florida.
We decided to tour the light house there and then stop by the Naval Air Museum too.
It is always interesting to climb to the top of a lighthouse. Such a
beautiful view. We toured around and learned all about the history
of the lighthouse. It is 150 feet tall and was originally built in 1823.
Hey, what kind of phone is this ??
We were able to go inside the house where the care takers of the
lighthouse used to live. Rebecca thought the phone was fun.
Then we drove down the street to the Air Museum.
There were two huge buildings filled with every kind of plan you
could imagine. They gave the history of the planes, so interesting
to see how far aircraft has come.
They had a Blue Angel plane to sit in. The cockpit is so tiny.
We had lunch and headed to the beach for the last time.
The water was calm and shallow. We were in an area called,
Quiet Waters, and it was definitely calm and quiet water.

And then just some random pictures of other places on our trip.
We waited a looooong time to eat here, but it was worth it.
The food was good! And I had liver and onions. It was fun to see
them throw the dinner rolls all the way across the room.
On a rainy day we went to the Wharf Shopping area to see a movie and
look at the shops, Last time, we rode the Ferris wheel.
Rebecca's room had a trundle bed and she loved that thing!!
Souvenir shopping.
It was a wonderful trip!

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