Thursday, February 16, 2017

Catching Up

Life got a little busy, I was really sick for a week and I have been lazy about blogging, so going to try and catch up a little on here before any more time passes.

At the beginning of the month, my Mom and I went to a women's retreat
in North Carolina. We went last year and this year was just as good.
We had a little free time and drove into Asheville. We went to an old
fashioned mercantile kind of store. We stopped by a famous chocolate shop and
walked over to see Saint Lawrence Basilica.
The theme this year was ABIDE and we all got a tshirt.
We came home from NC and headed straight into a Super Bowl party!!
We were pretty excited for the Falcons to be playing in the big game.
Amy's first Super bowl!
We had some friends over. The game started off great, but we
were not happy with the final score.
Rebecca is back to soccer. She is playing with the same girls
from the fall, so that is fun!
Rainbow on the way to school.
Wearing her charm bracelet from Abuela!
I was sick.
Snap Chat filters are a fun way to pass the time.
And we celebrated Valentine's Day!
Thank you Papa Johns for heart shape pizza!!
This bus is goin to be the death of me! Each morning all traffic
stops and the kids climb on. But the kids are never waiting at
the bus stop, so it takes forever... like 10 minutes!
Just drives me crazy :)

That is about it.
Looking forward to the weekend!!

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