Friday, February 3, 2017

Life Lately

It's February!!
I have always had a "love/hate" with February,
I love that it is my birthday month and Valentine's Day,
but growing up in MT it felt like the longest and coldest month.
I just have to make it through this month and in my mind, March, is
spring!! Which is one step closer to summer!!!

A few pictures of what we have been doing lately......
Rachel had braces put on  this week. This is the last picture of her without braces
for the next two years.
She is adjusting fairly well to the braces. There
is definetly a learning curve and her mouth was pretty sore.

After braces, we picked up REbecca and went to Children's Health Care
of Atlanta and Rachel had an x-ray of her hand taken. By the end of
the day, both of the girls were worn out.
Rebecca has been battling a cold this week and I kept her home a couple of
days. We did run some errands and had pizza for lunch.
It was dress up like a book character day at school.
Rebecca went as a LaLaLoopsy girl.

That's about it!

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