Thursday, October 27, 2016

Life Lately

A few pictures of what has been going on ............................

We have had a busy week with doctor appointments. Rebecca went in for her annual
check up with her allergy doctor. 
Our church finished up a series about faith in the movies and Rebecca got
to meet some of her favorite movie characters.
I had the chance to visit Rachel in her computer programing class.
They had different stations to visit and each student had made a
computer program that told a story. Rachel's was about animals.
Picked Rebecca up from school with this guy in the backseat :)
A new boot camp place opened up in town and I have been
going to the morning classes. The class kicks my butt!

Rebecca saved up her money and with help from Nana she
was able to buy a Hatchimal. It is an animal that comes in an
egg and you take care of it and out hatches a bird!
She was pretty excited about it all.
I have been a little bit obsessed with Halo Top ice cream for
awhile now.  The grocery stores can't keep it in stock. I was at Kroger
the other day and was so excited to see all the ice cream! They recently
 came out with more flavors and I bought one of each :)!!
And still more soccer. I have to admit that I am ready for soccer
season to be over! Only two more games left to play!!

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