Sunday, November 6, 2016

Halloween 2016

We had a fun Halloween this year! We started out on Sunday afternoon with the girls carving pumpkins. Nana and Papa came over for awhile to help out and supervise.
It was Amy's first Halloween, so we got her a pumpkin and let her have
a try and carving.
On Halloween  the girls had school and Rebecca got to dress up for school.
Cutest little waitress ever!
This year Rachel went as witch and Rebecca was Harley Quinn.
Rachel is definitely getting to the age that she isn't too sure about dressing up
or not?? But she still likes all the candy!
Amy didn't have to work and so she dressed up in her unicorn pajama and
came out to trick or treat with us. We wanted her to experience the holiday.
We walked up the street and met with Daniella and her mom.
It has been unusually warm and it made for a perfect night to be out.
No long sleeves or coats for trick or treating this year!!
Lola was thrilled with her pumpkin outfit :)
The big crazy house with all the d├ęcor was a busy stop again this year.
We came home and this girls sorted out the candies and it was time for bed!

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