Monday, October 17, 2016

Girls Trip to Tennessee

Last week, the girls were out of school on Monday for Columbus Day, so we decided to take a girls only weekend and drive up to Tennessee. Last time we were in TN, the girls were so little, so it was good to be back for another visit.

We made it to Chattanooga on Saturday afternoon and decided to walk around the downtown
area by our hotel.
We wandered down by the aquarium and river front area. There are tons
of sculptures around town and lots of places to explore.
The Moon Pie store was right around the corner from our hotel, so
we had to go in and buy a pie.
Walnut Bridge-- only for people and bikes
Sunday morning I got up early to run and explore the city a little bit.
One of my favorite things to do in a new place is to get out and run,
especially early before all the people are out and about.
I ran the winding staircase. So many great places right by the river.
Sunday we started at the aquarium.
My brave girl!
Then we walked across the Walnut Bridge and had lunch.
On the other side of the bridge there are two parks and we checked them both out.
The water fountains at Coolidge Park and we rode the carousel.
We made a stop at a famous ice cream store Clumpies on the way to
the second park. The line for ice cream was long, but so worth it.
I have a friend that had told me about "cardboard sledding"
at a park in Chattanooga and I had read about it too, so I was
determined to find the sledding hill. We found the park
 and had a great time sledding. I took videos that won't work,
 so just take my word for it :).
We walked back to the hotel and the girls were ready to swim.
I was ready to rest my feet. We managed to pack a lot into the
first day.
Monday we started at Ruby Falls. It is a water fall that is
inside of a cavern. We took an elevator down and then walked quite
a while and finally saw the waterfall.
The girls and I climbed to the top of the tower and took in the
view of Chattanooga.
Next was Rock City!
At Rock City we followed lots of trails.
We wanted to climb to the top and see the view. From the top,
you are able to see seven states all at once.
Lovers Leap and waterfall.
Rainbow Walk. Rock City was an interesting place to visit and
then it was time to go home!
It was a great weekend with the girls.

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