Monday, October 17, 2016

Photos from my Phone Friday

*** So I wrote this a while back and it didn't post for some reason?, so I am posting it now :) **

It's October! I was at Costco last week and they have Halloween stuff and Christmas d├ęcor out already! My brain just can't think that far ahead :).  Anyways, a few pictures of our going ons.......

Raphael's birthday was yesterday!
We had my parents over and had some cake and ice cream.
It was a nice little get together to celebrate Raphael.

Yesterday was 60s and 70s dress up day for Rebecca at school.
This picture came up on my Facebook memory the other day.
Hard to believe she was ever this little.
Snapchat filters! We usually check out the filters while we wait
in the car rider line before school starts.
We all went to see the Atlanta Braves play a game last weekend.
They are building a new baseball stadium, so we went to the second to
last game on Saturday night.
At church right now we are doing "At the movies" series and there
are always movie characters wandering around for a photo op.
And we are still in soccer season. Last weekend, Rebecca was goalie
and she also scored a goal. It's fun to watch the girls and see they are getting better.

All of us ladies are heading up to Chattanooga TN for a girls weekend.
Hope it will be a lot of fun !

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