Sunday, August 7, 2016

Visiting Winter and Hope

On Tuesday we drove back to Clearwater and headed over to the
Clearwater Marine Aquarium. We took this fun water ferry
 for a quick ride to the Aquarium

So many bridges connecting towns to each other in this part of Florida.
At the Aquarium are Winter and Hope. They are two dolphins that were
the "stars" of the movies Dolphin Tale and Dolphin Tale 2.
We started with a tour of an area to learn what the Aquarium does.
Their goal is to Rescue hurt animals, Rehab, and the Release back into
the wild if possible.
They do a lot of sea turtle rescues. There was this big huge
board listing the turtles' names and when they went back to the ocean.
We were able to see Winter from far away. Hope was hanging out in
the back and I never did see her.
We were able to see a dolphin named Nicholas.
His trainer told us how dolphins learn and demonstrated what he can do.
Dolphins are smart!!
We took a trolley back into Clearwater and went to visit
a building that had lots of exhibits and props that were used
in the Dolphin Tale movies.
One of the mechanical dolphins that were used in the movies.
It was an interesting day and we learned a lot about marine life.
The girls looking for lizards back at the house.
We relaxed a little and then decided to go to a baseball game.
I had been running in Dunedin and ran past the baseball stadium.
I thought it would be fun to go to a small town game. We were just a couple
of blocks away, so we walked and it was a fun night.
Not too many fans. But I liked that way. We had our space, we could talk. The
girls could move around and not bother anyone. There was good people
watching and good snacks. The Dunedin Blue Jays won the game!!

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