Saturday, August 6, 2016

Clearwater and Pier 60

On Monday, we went to  Clearwater Beach. I had gone running that morning and
ran past this sign. I have noticed that a lot of towns in FL claim to have the best
beach :).
Clearwater is a very popular town with lots to do. There were
so many people at the beach that day.
The girls love to float the waves.
Usually when at the beach, I venture out for a few minutes and
then Raphael and the girls stay in the water.
I was sitting in my beach chair with a book and people watching.
There are several beautiful beach front hotels.
We had a fun day at Clearwater Beach. It was the busiest beach we
went to during our trip.
This sign was near the road as we were leaving and I had
to take a picture because of Panama.
We went home to clean up and eat and then headed back to Clearwater to
visit Pier 60. Each night at the Pier they have arts and crafts vendors,
entertainers, food, and stuff for kids to do.
These dolphins were everywhere in Florida.
We walked around and then out to the end of the Pier.
I took this shot of Clearwater Beach from the Pier.
We wander around, went in a few stores and had some ice cream.
As we walked back to the car, the sun was setting.
Nothing beats seeing a sunset at the beach.

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