Friday, August 5, 2016

Summer Trip 2016

This was our cute little house for the week.
We stayed in Dunedin Florida and it was the sweetest
little town ever. I could live there.
I never get tired of seeing palm trees. I took this picture one morning
while I out for a run.
The marina.
For our trip, we drove all day and made it to the house. We were
hungry, so we found a pizza place in town and then walked around
to get a look at things.
Dunedin is a very "dog friendly" place. We saw dogs everywhere.
The famous Strachan's Ice Cream store. The line was always long, but
worth the wait. Lots of families around and these boys entertaining us.
The house came with a guitar, so we all tried to play a song.
The first beach we went to was Honeymoon Island. It was just a short
drive from our house.
Sunday morning we drove to the nearest Costco  and Publix to
stock up on groceries for the week.
We didn't make it to the beach until that afternoon and an
afternoon storm was rolling in. We played in the water until
the rains came.
It is pretty typical to get quick, but powerful rain storms move
through. Amazing to see the sky.
Raphael rescuing a turtle that was wandering in the parking lot.
These birds are everywhere! We saw a lot of birds like these, all
over the place. Always looking for food.
There were so many beautiful little docks and parks that follow the
shore line. I snapped this picture on a morning run. In the back ground
is the city of Clearwater.

We spent a lot of time in Clearwater and those adventures will be next!

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