Thursday, August 4, 2016

Life Lately

We are back from the beach! We had such a great time in Florida and it was hard to come back home and get into the swing of things again.  I am still sorting through the millions of pictures I took, so for now a few pictures of what we have been doing lately....................................
This is from a gas station that we stopped at on the way to Florida. The girls noticed that the little signs had Rachel and Rebecca right next to each other :).
Looking for treasures. The gas stations on the way are always interesting. This one had every
kind of nick-nack you could imagine.
Dunedin Marina
This is from our first night in Florida. We stayed in the cutest little town named
Dunedin. We had dinner, then found the ice cream shop and walked down to
the marina to watch the sunset.
The beach!
My parents had friends come visit and we all went swimming.
These two became fast friends. School is starting next week, so we
are holding onto summer for as long as we can.
After dinner bike rides.
Rebecca is going to a new school this fall and she has to wear
uniforms. I ordered a bunch and we were trying them all on.
They requested a few hours at Chuck E Cheese, so we went.
It was fun, but so many kids there.

That's it for now!

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