Sunday, July 17, 2016

FOLLOW-- Winshape Camp

Last week we drove Rachel to her first "sleep over" camp. She had been going
to Winshape Community Camps for several summers, and this year we decided
she was ready for a week at camp away from home.

                                                        Samantha, Rachel and Elizabeth
The camp is in Young Harris Georgia and is held at the college. We found our friends and neighbors when we were checking in.
Winshape does everything very well and they are super organized. Each camper got a nametag
and then a popsicle too. The girls were divided into three groups based on their age- Rachel was in Royalum.
Each year has a theme, based on a Bible verse. This year it is FOLLOW.
And they drilled into the girls to follow Jesus and that we become what we follow.

Getting all set up in her room. She had two other room mates. Their counselor, slept in the middle area and then two more girls in a room on the other side.
                                                              Here is where we said good-bye.
                                                                Rachel was ready for us to go!
During the week, we were able to see pictures of Rachel at camp. And it looked like a lot of fun. She did archery, digital photography classes, kayaking, swimming, lots of outside games, dress up nights.
                                   Time to go home!! Rachel and her room mates.
I think they all had a great time. It was an adjustment and I know Rachel started off a little unsure, but in the end she didn't want to leave.
Each camper gets a traditional " paper plate award" from their counselor. It is a long standing
Winshape Camp idea. Rachel got the High Tide Award -- for her high energy and love for Jesus.
Everyone finished at a big group meeting. They had a video showing the week, we sang some songs and the campers did their cheers and Bible verses one last time.  Afterwards, we stayed for the Chick-fil-A Family Fun Friday Picnic.

Saying good-bye to Queso.  Rachel had a blast at camp and she pretty much talked nonstop on the way home telling us all about it. Thankful she had the chance to go and hope she can return next summer.

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