Thursday, July 21, 2016

Life Lately

We only have three weeks left of summer vacation ! I can't believe how fast summer goes by. It makes me sad, because it is my favorite. Anyways, a little look at what we have been doing.......

We were late to the party with the sparklers this year. So we finally
took them out and the girls had fun.
Bookworm- always reading.
I run with a group of ladies and  one of them had a birthday. So we ran 5 miles and then stopped by Starbucks for a drink. It was nice to sit outside and talk. We were sweating messes, so we decided to take a picture of our drinks and not us :).
I bench pressed 120lbs! A new record for me.
I have been working away on the Alpha 2.0 program and I just
started Pipehitter 2.0

Checking out the fish.
After we took Rachel to WinShape Camp, we drove to Helen for lunch.
It is the cutest little German inspired town.
We watched the floaters on the river for a minute. We floated a few years ago,
but it is time to go again ... hopefully in August we will make it happen.
Rebecca finally made it to the fountains at the mall!
I took Rebecca to a new interactive/digital exhibit and it was amazing.
We spent a couple of hours there playing and exploring.
The girls and I went through all their toys and clothes. I took all this a little more to the Goodwill. It was good to clean out and get organized.
We went to see Pets. So cute!
My garden helper. I have lots of tomatoes coming in!
We went shopping for school supplies. I am trying to be a little ahead of
the game this year.
Minecraft twins.

That's it!

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