Monday, March 14, 2016

Weekend in Savannah

Last weekend we met up with Raphael in Savannah.  The last time we were in Savannah, I was pregnant with Rebecca, so it was good to go back and visit.   ****lots of pictures****

Our first night, we ate at a restaurant near the river and then wander down
River Street to see all the little shops.
We spent a lot of time in the candy store!
Saturday we took the Old Town Trolley. The Trolley, takes a tour
of Savannah, telling all sorts of information about the history of Savannah.
We were able to get on and off whenever we wanted.
We stopped at Forsyth Park to see the famous fountain.
We spent quite a while there and the girls were able to play for awhile and
then we walked and looked at some of the houses.
Love to look at all the trees and flowers.
We road the trolley further and then got off at the Massie Heritage Center.
It had exhibits explaining that Savannah is laid out in squares and all about
the importance of cotton, the river, education and an old fashioned school.

We went back to the river front and wander around. We were trying to
catch the Savannah Belle Ferry, but we didn't have enough time.
River Street
Sunday morning we had breakfast at The Goosefeather Café.
It is a very popular place, the line goes out the door each morning.
After breakfast, we hopped on the Ferry and took a trip around the river.
I thought the ferry went to Tybee Island, but I was wrong and the girls had
their hearts set on seeing the Island and the ocean.
So we got in the car and drove to Tybee Island for a quick visit.
First we toured the Tybee Island lighthouse. It was interesting and there
were a lot of stairs to climb to the top.
Finally, time to see the ocean.
The girls splashed in the cold water, found some sea shells, then we had
lunch at the beach and it time to go home! We managed to pack a lot into
a couple of days. It was a good time for the family.

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