Thursday, February 25, 2016

It Was My Birthday............

So, yesterday was my 43rd birthday! Hard to believe that another year has come and gone.  I did my regular thing while the girls were in school and then we met with my parents for dinner at the Longhorn and we came home for cake and ice cream.
A beautiful and delicious cake that my Mom and Dad brought for the night. It was great having them here to celebrate with me.
Yay! I love wreaths, I am a bit of an addict :)

In other news, we are just doing the regular stuff. Trying to survive February and get to March. I am over winter and ready for spring with sunny days and green grass. Rebecca started back to soccer and had her first game on Saturday.
We spent the afternoon with my parents at a little bookstore. Rebecca and Papa played chess and the rest of us looked at books, it was very relaxing.
Saturday night, Raphael took Rebecca to a Daddy & Daughter Dance at the school.
She was so excited to go out for a special night!

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