Thursday, March 24, 2016

Lego Friends

This past Saturday, we had a few of Rebecca's friends come over to celebrate her 7th birthday.  Rebecca's birthday is a tricky one, because it is generally close to Easter and spring break, there are a lot of other parties and events happening, plus sports,.... so I generally move her "friends" party up a few weeks.

Since last summer, the girls have loved playing with their Lego Friends and we have quite the collection. So it seemed liked a logical idea to have a Lego themed party for Rebecca and she loved the idea.  I got to work on the decorations on Friday afternoon.   I found the glitter letters and flowers at Walmart and just stuck them on the front door.
            She was so excited to have her friends coming over to celebrate and play Legos.
I looked all over the Internet and Pinterest for Lego Friends party ideas. As popular as Legos are, there was very little actual Lego Friends party stuff to buy, so I just did my own thing.
I went with pink and purple for the main colors and I had a little Lego outline the I found online made into a big poster and then colored in to make a Lego girl.

I have learned over the years, to keep it simple. So we did a couple of little games-- first was a contest to see who could build the tallest Lego tower.
I cut out Lego man shapes and hid them around the house, then the girls played " I spy the Lego guy".
It turned out to be their favorite activity :)
                   We also played "pin the hairbow on the Lego girl"... always a fun game to play.
                                                    It is entertaining to listen to their conversations .
Rebecca requested a sugar cookie with sprinkles instead of a cake, so that is what we did.  I also had a few other snacks and ice cream for everyone.
                                                           Group picture time!
                                Gigi, Rebecca, Rebecca, Brianna, Layla and Gabby
                              Opened the gifts and then the girls played until parents came back.
I can't  believe that Rebecca will be seven in a few days! We are planning a good surprise for her actual birthday, can't wait!!

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