Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Girls Day Out at Ameican Girl

A few years ago, when Rachel turned nine, my parents came to visit and we took Rachel to the American Girl store and she picked out her very own doll.  This past week, it was Rebecca's turn!
Our weekends are pretty busy and the mall gets crazy on Saturdays, so my Mom and I decided to
take Rebecca on a nice quiet weekday. I didn't tell her about it, we went to school and surprised her.
The store has so many dolls and accessories, it is pretty amazing and overwhelming.
We did a lot of looking and tried to find a doll that looked like Rebecca.
A picture op with Lea, who is the American Girl doll of the year.
She found the one she wanted!
We looked at accessories and clothes for awhile. How about a horse?
We snapped a few pictures outside the store. Rebecca wasn't too sure what to name her doll, but I think she is going with Savannah. The doll has blue eyes and curly blond hair just like Rebecca.
We went out for lunch at Fuddruckers and then headed home. It was a great day and Rebecca
has been loving on her doll. Thank you Nana for a special day!!

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