Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter Weekend 2016

We had a busy weekend. First we went to see Rebecca play soccer, and it rained on and off the entire game.  I was happy to get home and warm up.  I am over the wintery and rainy days. The girls helped me to fill up a bunch of Easter eggs for a hunt.
In the afternoon we went to a birthday party for Gigi and Gabby.  It was at a local bowling alley place and the girls had the best time.
Rebecca and I played laser tag for the first time and my Dad played too.  We did arcade games, bowling, and ate all sorts of treats.  It was late when we got home, so after showers, we finally got around to coloring Easter eggs.
Easter baskets for the girls.
Rebecca woke up at 7 and declared it was time to get Rachel and search for eggs and baskets.
We went to church and then my parents and our friends came over for lunch.
Delrika and my Dad both wore bow ties.
I love these cute bunny plates. I saw them and had to buy them.  I loved the bunny with
a bow tie because it reminded me of my Dad.
The girls.
Raphael planned out an elaborate Easter egg hunt for the girls. They had
to work together to solve clues and do activities. It was fun.
Gabby, Gigi, Rachel and Rebecca.
It was Gabby's 8th birthday, so we celebrated her special day!
Most importantly, we celebrated Jesus who died for our sins and rose again.

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