Friday, September 4, 2015

Photos from my Phone Friday

    Lately, Lola has been wanting to walk to the bus stop with me in afternoons to pick up Rebecca.
We had new carpet put in our house! I still can't believe how much I love the new carpet. A crew of guys showed up and re carpeted the whole house in just a few hours- it was impressive.
I have been on a reading kick lately. This book was amazing. The story of a pastor and his family that had one of their daughters die unexpectedly at age 5. No doubt, this family loves Jesus.
           And this Jen Hatmaker book was so true and funny. Lots to think about in here.
                                         We went to Lake Lanier for the last time this summer.
                                  The girls and I went to a wedding for Judy and Pete.

Judy and Pete were married, had several children and then ended up getting divorced. For years they didn't talk and didn't see each other.  A couple of years ago, Judy was in a car accident and severely hurt. She and her ex-husband started talking again. And a long  story short-- they got remarried! There was not a dry eye in that church because we all knew what had occurred to get them back together. The pastor reminded us all " God can fix broken things!"

Judy and Pete and all these kids! Judy has taught children Sunday school and AWANA for years. The kids all love her and she loves them. She wanted a picture with all her "kids".
                               The girls tried out the photo booth at the wedding reception.
And today is our 16th wedding anniversary!!

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