Sunday, September 6, 2015

The High

When school started back this year, Rachel moved up into the middle school group at church. The middle schoolers have their Sunday school class at the 9am church service.  We have been going to the 1pm service for a long time, so it has been an adjustment for us. But, a good thing, is that we have the rest of Sunday to spend together as a family.
We have lived in Georgia for nine years and had never visited The High Museum of Art, so after church  we took the girls.  The High is hosting an exhibit about The Pigeon books. Rebecca discovered The Pigeon books in preschool and we love them. The pigeon is so funny.
It was not quite what I expected, I figured it would be a bit more interactive, but we learned all about how The Pigeon books are written and drawn.
It happened to be "Sunday, Family Fun Day" at the Museum, so they had different activities for the kids to do and look at. We wandered around and took a look at some of the different exhibits.
             There is an exhibit by Alex Katz there right now. He paints really big pictures
We followed along with a group and learned how to "feel" the paintings. It was a little silly, but the
little kids seemed to like it.
This lovely red triangle was in the modern art area. There was also a green square and blue circle. Rachel wasn't sure what to think about it all.
More modern art and furniture to look at and study. Rebecca thought all the chairs looked uncomfortable and I with her.
                                          This was a big sculpture of fruit on a picnic blanket
It was time to go, but first we checked out the Los Trompos exhibit outside. They were this big huge
spinning tops made out of ropes. The girls loved them and I went for a quick spin.

We ended up buying a family membership, so we will be back to the The High sometime soon!

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