Saturday, September 14, 2013

Can't Stop Singing

Yesterday I took Rebecca downtown to see a Sesame Street show. Raphael was able to get some tickets for free from work, so Rebecca and I met our friends for the show. 
                                                                   Gigi, Rebecca and Gabby
The show was at Philips Arena and it was our first visit there. We were in the middle section, but it is really hard to get a decent picture with the bright stage lights. The show was all about music and singing.

                                            During the intermission we had to get cotton candy.
Rebecca is not a huge Sesame Street watcher, but she liked the show and was up dancing and singing along with the other kids.

Across the street from the Arena is a new ferriswheel. Rebecca wanted to take a ride, but each person is $15, so I decided to skip it today.
                                  By the time I drove out of the parking garage, she was asleep.

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