Monday, July 22, 2013

My Room Rocks

Sometimes I feel like the theme around our house is "better late than never". Rachel had her ninth birthday a month and a half ago, and we finally had a birthday party with her friends this weekend!
Rachel still spends hours playing with her Barbie dolls, Littlest Pet Shops, etc.... so she decided to have her party at a place in the mall called My Room Rocks. Basically, each girl gets an empty box to decorate however she likes and fill it with doll furniture.
                                        The girls "shopping" for accessories to decorate their rooms.
             Rebecca was there and she did great. Her room looks cute and I think she had a fun time.
                                                                   Rachel's room before and after.
                                                                    Daniella, Sydney and Rachel
                                                                           Cupcake time!
We were celebrating Rachel's birthday,but it happened that Daniella's birthday was last Thursday and Sydney's birthday is this coming week, so each girl wanted a candle for her cupcake.
                                                                           Best Friends!!!

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