Saturday, July 20, 2013

Happy Camper

                                    Rachel spent her week at Winshape Camp and had a great time.
 Yesterday was Family Fun Day. All parents were invited to join their camper and see what the kids had been doing all week. Rachel had three sessions- painting, yard games and fast food.
They start the kids off in the parking lot playing all sorts of games while everyone checks in.
Rachel's best friend Danielle came to camp this summer!
Rachel and her Safari flag.
The kids are divided into three large groups- Alpine, Ocean and Safari. And then broken down into smaller groups- Rachel was in the elephant group.
This was in Town Square, where kids find their session leaders.
Rachel started in painting.
 I didn't take a good picture, but "Guarding your Heart" was the theme of the week. Each day they learned a new Bible verse and a saying to remember.
Yard games was next. They learned lots of games all week and ended with croquet.
Parents got to play. It was fun, but soooo hot and humid. Rachel and I did pretty well, and now she wants to buy a croquet set for the backyard.
Last session was fast food. Rachel learned some basic cooking skills and on the final day there was a contest. They held an Iron Chef cooking contest- five minutes to make a snack for three judges and a had to use a "surprise ingredient".
Rachel's snack was "Ants on a log". And she added mini chocolate chips too. Luckily, the secret ingredient was honey, so it worked out fine for her.
The competition was friendly and a cute little boy won with yogurt stuffed strawberries. It was fun to see the kids working so fast and furious on their snacks.
                                                                          A fun week camp!

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