Saturday, July 27, 2013

Photos from my phone Friday

*****I typed this post on Friday morning, but it looks like I forgot to push the "publish" button, so here it is now instead :)  *****

Our summer is winding down. Next week I take Rachel to school to meet her teacher and drop off school supplies. So, I am trying my best to fit in as much fun as possible in these last few days. A few pictures of what we have been up to lately........
                         Rachel likes to check out the lobsters at the grocery store.
The girls and I were at Costco and we stopped for lunch. We were playing around with a new app on my phone that has all sorts of mustaches to add to a photo.
I went running at a new park. I tried some trail running and got to run across this pretty bridge.
We met some friends at the baseball game. I am not sure what the girls were trying to do here?
                             Rachel said hi to Chopper.
Both the girls were looking cute with their pink sunglasses.
Rebecca was thrilled to have her picture taken!
     At the pool.
      I love these tutu swimsuits.

That's it. Happy Friday!!

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