Monday, February 11, 2013

The Dentist and a Detour

This morning I took the girls to the dentist. It was Rebecca's first visit to the dentist and I was a bit nervous how she would do.
         Rebecca did pretty well and all the people at the office were really nice and patient with her.
Rebecca didn't have any cavities and Rachel has one, so we have to go back next week to get that fixed.
On our way home from Florida last week, we took a little detour to see the town of Rebecca, Georgia.
I had noticed the town on the map and thought we should check it out and get a picture.

I am sure people driving by thought we were crazy standing out by the sign and taking pictures. And Rebecca didn't seem to get what we were up to, but I hope someday when she is older that she will be glad we took the time to take the picture.

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