Thursday, October 11, 2012

Under The Weather

It has been a little crazy around here lately and I feel a bit out of sorts. I would like to blame it on Rachel's school schedule. Last week on Monday and Tuesday it was early out days for parent-teacher conferences, then back to regular time.  But with Rachel staying late on Thursday for after school club. Followed up by a busy and long weekend because there was no school on Monday-thank you Christopher Columbus! I took the girls to Chuck E Cheese for a while on Monday to pass some time.

I had noticed on Monday that Rebecca had a little runny/stuffy nose and occassional cough. By the time she woke up Tuesday, she had a nasty cold and was really miserable. So I kept her home from preschool and  took her in to see the doctor because she was complaining that she couldn't hear. Ended up she had an ear infection and needed antibiotics.
                                              A little reading at the doctor's office.
Our doctor's office has these books in the waiting room. Every time I see them it reminds me of my doctor's office when I was little because they had those same books.
Today was Rachel's eight year check up. Thankfully, Rebecca was much better and went to preschool and then I went to pick up Rachel. Her appointment went pretty well, but her lungs were really wheezy, so the doctor wanted her to stay home for the rest of the day and take it easy and do some breathing treatments at home. And then it was time for her flu shot- it was not good. Rachel freaked out BIG time-crying,screaming, trying to get away. It took awhile and three of us to hold her enough to give the shot.
                                                        Modeling her beautiful gown :)
                  After the trauma of the doctor office, Rachel wanted Sonic for lunch and that seemed to help her feel better. We picked Rebecca up from preschool and came home to take it easy.

I got the girls to bed early and I am praying for a good nights sleep for everyone and a better day tomorrow. Looking forward to the weekend!

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