Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weekend Update

We have had a beautiful fall weekend and yesterday I took the girls to a historical house in our town. The house is around two hundred years old and each year they have a festival and give tours and show what life was like back in the old days.
                                                                  The Elisha Winn house
        There were lots of  beautiful quilts on display and Rachel loved this one with the ladies.
There were several men dressed up as soldiers and explained how the cannons worked and shot off a couple of shots. It was SO loud and the girls thought it was funny.
While we were at the festival, Raphael was serving at our church's annual day of community service- they call it CIA (compassion in action). This year Raphael helped with a carnival for a nearby apartment complex.

                                     Everyone met at the church for worship and prayer first.
Hundreds of balloons were released with a message from our church and then it was time to serve.
                                                                  Carlos and Raphael

                               And the big news of Saturday was Raphael's birthday!
 We kind of did things in reverse order- first opened presents, then cake with ice cream and finally we grilled steaks for dinner. It was a good day!

Today we went to church and then this evening the girls wanted to roast marshmallow and make smores, so we did.

Rebecca and I picked these flowers from our garden this weekend. We planted the seeds in May and they have been blooming for a few months now and I love them!

And a big "thank you" to Jenissa at Once Upon a Blog Design shoppe for giving my blog a little makeover.

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