Monday, October 15, 2012

Cutest Pumpkins in the Patch

                          We took a trip to Washington Farms pumpkin patch on Saturday.
It was a perfect fall day and the Farm had so many activities for the kids to do. We spent a few hours there and Rachel kept saying "this is the best place ever!".
The girls did a little hay bale maze and we also did the traditional corn maze. I picked the short maze and it only took us about five minutes to find our way out.
           A little time in the corn box ,but it was a bit crazy in there, so the girls didn't last too long.
                                                                         The cow train.
                        Rebecca wasn't too happy to have her picture in the big rocking chair.
      We took a hay ride to the pumpkin patch.
The last time we were at Washington Farms for pumpkins, Rachel was two years old!
                                                                          The three of us.

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