Friday, October 19, 2012

Our Week in Pictures

We had a busy week and it seemed to be filled with visits to the doctor. We made four trips to different doctors for one reason or another. It feels like we have spent a small fortune in co-pays and prescriptions this week.
Both of the girls are doing childrens choir this year and on Sunday the older kids sang at two church services. Rachel isn't too thrilled about choir, but I am hoping she warms up to it. All the kids did a good job and they have a big performance right before Thanksgiving.
Rachel wanted to go somewhere "special" for a treat after singing, so I took her to Starbucks for a hot chocolate and brownie.
Wednesday was wacky and tacky night at AWANA, so Rachel wore this silly hat and two kinds of shoes. Rebecca wasn't interested in participating in the dress up thing.
Lately, all Rebecca wants to do is play with Little Pet Shop toys or little dolls. She made some sort of city this morning and covered it with blankets. Later I found her buried under every blanket she could find.
I am on the social committee in our neighborhood and had to help pass out fliers for an upcoming event. I pushed Rebecca in the stroller and delivered the papers. Rebecca decided to take advantage of the beautiful fall day and take a little cat nap in her stroller.
Tonight is our Friday night Family movie night and we are watching Madagascar 3. We bought the DVD at Costco and it came with this crazy wig!

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