Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fort Morgan and Dauphin Island

During our vacation we took the girls to Dauphin Island to an estuarium on the island. And to get there we had to take the ferry. We got to the loading area a little early, so we walked around and Rachel found a tree to climb.
In line for the ferry.
It was a pretty small ferry boat and only could hold about thirty cars or so. On our ride back, the girls and I got out and peeked over the side.

We went to the Estuarium and learned all about the Mobile Bay, Mobile Delta, Barrier Islands and Gulf of Mexico. They said it is the fourth largest estuary in the United States.
Checking out the fish.
 Of course with the girls, we did the speed trip through and didn't get to look at and read as much as we would of liked to.
The cutest turtles getting some sunshine.

When we came back on the ferry we took a stop to see Fort Morgan. The Fort was built in 1834 to help strengthen and protect the USA seaside from the British and Spanish.
Tunnel into the Fort.
 It was a hundred degree day and the girls were done, so our tour of the Fort was fast and furious. It was interesting to see what they could build back in the day.

 It was good day and I am pretty sure we came home and went for a swim in the pool to cool off!

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