Sunday, August 5, 2012

Busy Past Few Days

This past week has been a busy one for us. The last week of summer for Rachel. She is going back to school tomorrow. So we tried to get in some last minute fun- the park, swimming,the movies, ChuckE Cheese and birthday parites.

On Monday we met friends at the park for a few hours and then over to the city park to go swimming. We were at the pool for a couple of hours and Rebecca hit the side rail of the pool and got a little cut over her eye. It bled for quite awhile and we ended up going to urgent care and the doctor had to put one stitch in.
She did so good with getting the stitches and was very happy with the popsicle the nurse gave her when it was all over. It is pretty much healed up right now.

On Thursday Rachel and I went to her school to meet her teacher for third grade. Her teacher is younger and seems very nice and I think it will be a good year for Rachel. After school we did a little shopping and went out for lunch.
Saturday we had two birthday parties to attend. I didn't take a single picture at the first party for Rebecca's friend, R.J. It was a lot of fun and the girls didn't want to leave. I dropped Rebecca off with Raphael and we went to party number two.
Rachel and her BFF and birthday girl- Daniella.  It was a skating party and I was a bit nervous how Rachel would do. We went skating at Christmas time and she fell down alot. This time her balance was better and by the end of the party, she was doing fairly well.
Today after church we went to the park so the girls could burn off some energy. I wanted them good and tired, so they would go to sleep easily. We took Lola with us and she got to spend some time in the dog park.


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