Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Vacation Pictures

I have been going through all our vacation pictures and here are a few of our first couple of days. Our first full day we went to Perdido Beach. The water was pretty blue and the sand is white.

                                  Rachel spent a lot of time on her boogie board.

The next day we drove to Moible and toured the USS Alabama. The ship is so big and we managed to get lost inside a few times. I didn't realize there is an entire city inside of the ship, pretty amazing.

                                    The girls loved climbing on the sleeping bunks.

A few other pictures ........

Our first night and we went out for pizza. Rachel got a call from her BFF, so she was busy talking. A glimpse of her teenage years.

                         The neighborhood and house where we stayed for the week.

                                                                   Good to know!
These signs were scattered throughout the area. We were on a walk one night and some guys told us that they had just seen a six foot gator walking around.
  We drove past this water tower each day. Most towns in the South have a big water tower announcing their town's name.

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