Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Alphabet Summer- Letters W,Y and Z

Our summer is flying by! I can't believe that in one month Rachel will back to school! The time is going by so fast that I am not sure if we can pull off this Alphabet Summer idea or not.

 This week, we have managed to knock off a few more letters. And we did three in one day!

For letter W we went out to the backyard for a water balloon fight. It has been really hot here lately. So I thought water balloons would be fun. It took me forever to fill up the balloons, but the girls had fun running around and throwing them at me.
We ran out of balloons pretty quick and switched over to spray bottles and we had a pretty good time squirting each other.
I didn't have too many ideas for the letter Z besides going to the zoo. And it has been way too hot to go to the zoo, so I decided to go with Zoopals paper plates for lunch. Rebecca loved the plates and used about ten of them.  After lunch we made our own animal plates.

                                       We made a turtle, pig and a ladybug.
            For letter Y we finished the afternoon with a trip to Froyolo for a frozen yogurt treat.
                             The girls love going there and it is decorated so cute!

  I have lots of pictures of Rebecca. Rachel wasn't in the mood for pictures :)
                                                       And that was our day.
                              Rebecca in a little red-white and blue in honor of the fourth.

                                                Letters M - I -T-C
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